Overweight and Obesity

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  • Teacher Dr Christabelle Yeoh
  • Course Duration 1 hour

Product Description

Overweight and Obesity is perhaps today’s largest health challenge. It is a condition that is associated with having an excess of body fat. People don’t need to be obese for increased body fat to have a significant impact on their health. Sometimes weight is only moderately elevated but excessive fat deposits around the abdomen and viscera (organs) are sufficient to significantly increase the risk of many diseases. Some studies suggest that a majority of Australians are overweight.

Weight loss is a area of great confusion. In this video course by Dr Christabelle Yeoh, you will learn all you need to know about the science of weight loss. She explains in detail how weight is regulated in the body and the key factors that prompt a rise in weight. Its not just a simple eat less and exercise more message. Many factors contribute to your propensity to put on weight. Understanding these provides a foundation for long-term healthy weight management.

She provides a comprehensive review of the scientific literature focusing on what you can do to help yourself. You will learn more in the hour than you would in a year of internet browsing.

In this 1 hour video course you will learn the following:

  1. Definitions and impact of obesity
  2. The four key factors that make weight rise
  3. The importance of good digestion
  4. Cellular metabolism and the process of energy production
  5. What can go wrong and its impact on weight
  6. Dietary sugar and ‘Empty’ calories
  7. The importance of nutrient density
  8. Microbiome and weight
  9. Importance of the gut wall
  10. Stress and digestion
  11. Dietary factors
  12. Normal weight regulation
  13. What goes wrong with the weight ‘set point’
  14. Why crash diets don’t work
  15. How satiation works
  16. Blood sugar regulation and weight
  17. The impact of stress on the set point
  18. Obsegens
  19. Solutions that work

The focus is on explaining in detail how your body works and how the disease arises and what can be done to help. The more understanding you have the easier it is for you to take charge of improving your condition.

We hope you enjoy this short course and that it empowers you to own your health and wellbeing.