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Preventing Heart Disease

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  • Teacher Dr Matous Bursik
  • Course Duration 1 hour

Product Description

Cardiovascular disease is a collective term for diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The most common is called coronary heart disease, which is caused by atherosclerotic plague build up in the coronary arteries, that can lead to complete occlusion of the coronary artery. This is known as a heart attack. Is is very important to understand coronary heart disease, and ways to prevent it, because at present it is the leading cause of death in the western world.  

In this video course by Dr Matous Bursik, you will learn all you need to know about what you can do to prevent heart disease. He provides a comprehensive review of the scientific literature focusing on what you can do to help yourself. You will learn more in the hour than you would in a year of internet browsing.

Our aim is to help you to understand the condition and what aspects of your lifestyle and diet may be contribute to you developing heart disease and what you can do to change these.

In this 1 hour video course you will learn the following:

  1. Types of cardiovascular disease
  2. Atherosclerosis – how plaques develop
  3. The importance of oxidation and inflammation
  4. What type of fat matters the most
  5. What contributes to plaque buildup
  6. Key causes of hypertension
  7. Major risk factors
  8. The importance of stress
  9. Conventional treatments
  10. Solutions

The focus is on explaining in detail how your body works and how the disease arises and what can be done to help. The more understanding you have the easier it is for you to take charge of improving your condition. The solutions cover a wide range of factors including specific exercises, dietary and cooking approaches that reduce risks and inflammation, importance of specific fats and supplements.

We hope you enjoy this short course and that it empowers you to own your health and wellbeing.