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Anti-inflammatory Cooking

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  • Teacher Simone Kopkas
  • Course Duration 2 weeks

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About this Anti-inflammatory Cooking Course                                                          

There are two key causes of Chronic Illness – low grade persistent inflammation and oxidative stress – and both are highly influenced by our diet. 

In these anti-inflammatory cooking classes you will learn how to adopt a much healthier diet. Not only that – the recipes are yummy. They have been put together by our expert chef, who also happens to be a Nutrition Counsellor. 

Our aim is to provide easy to prepare meals that are good for you and taste great. We understand that the key challenge is to change your habits. That is why we offer this 14 day program.  If you commit to this 14 day program you will find that you will be feeling so much better by the end of the first two weeks that you will want to continue it on for another week. By the time you have cooked this way for 3 weeks you will be well on the way to feeling like this new approach is your new habit, making it easy then to continue with this much healthier dietary lifestyle.

Most Western diets are far too high in omega-6 fats and processed carbohydrates, which cause inflammation and which left unchecked can lead to chronic inflammation: eg Inflammatory bowel diseases, eczema, asthma & arthritis. They are also short of anti-inflammatory foods like vegetables and tumeric.

Eating an anti-inflammatory diet can significantly help reduce inflammation in the body, potentially helping with conditions such as Heart disease, Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, eating anti-inflammatory foods can support us in many other ways, including preventing cancer, losing weight & more energy.

Inflammation is the root of nearly all chronic health conditions so a lifestyle driven diet focusing on anti-inflammatory and antioxidant building is key to good, long standing health.

Join Simone Kopkas, Nutrition Counsellor & Holistic Chef in this series of 18 short cooking videos ( 8-10 mins each) to learn how to cook for an anti-inflammatory life-style.  You won’t believe how delicious healthy eating can be!

These videos can be watched at anytime, anywhere and will always be included as part of your Life Learning portfolio of courses, available for you to refer to anytime you need.

There are also free PDF downloads of all the recipes with each lesson so you can pop the recipe on your fridge and use it regularly to support your new health eating plan. The truth is that after you make these recipes a couple of times they will be etched in your memory and you’ll be sharing them with friends and family.



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