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Premenstrual tension

Are you sick of getting Premenstrual Tension (PMT) in the lead up to your period?

This article will explain the causes and possible solutions for your PMT.
Many women suffer PMT: pain, breast distension, moodiness or bloating in the lead up to menstruation, but very few are told of the causes or of what can be done to improve it.

Not all women get PMT so what is different about those that get it?

The answer lies in understanding the role of the two main menstrual cycle hormones: oestrogen and progesterone. Progesterone is naturally low in the lead up to the period. This is important because progesterone is used to balance out oestrogen. If your progesterone levels are ok, then this natural dip in progesterone will not matter. However, if your progesterone levels are already low then you notice this deficiency most in the lead up to the period where you will start to experience oestrogen symptoms – breast distension, moodiness, bloating andpain ( i.e PMT).

So why would progesterone be low?

Progesterone is used to produce the stress hormone cortisol. The more stressed the woman the more progesterone gets converted to cortisol. So stress is the key factor behind PMT.

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In working in a Mind Body Medicine clinic on PMT we seek to uncover the root causes of stress. Stress occurs when someone constrains himself and tries to be someone they are not. For example, they may try to impress someone to be respected. Or lose ourselves in a relationship in order to be loved. Or try to be perfect to be accepted. The more they try to project something that they are not, the more they have to constrain who they really are. This is very stressful. The key to change is to work out what internal need is driving their behavior.

There are some good acupoints for helping to subdue the symptoms of stress and PMT. One of the most commonly used points is Liver 3. It is a good point for addressing any type of stress, particularly when it is leading the person to be angry or irritable.

It is found between the big toe and the second toe, just before you get to the big toe knuckle. You will know you are on the right point when you feel a tender spot there.
Rub and hold the point for about 30 minutes for it to have its full effect. It helps to relax the body but is also very good for symptoms of pain and moodiness.

David Corby is CEO of CCM, teacher of holistic kinesiology and mind-body medicine and published author of ‘Finding Joy Within’, ‘Energetic Protection’, ‘Neuropressure’ and numerous accredited courses. David is a registered Acupuncturist, a mind-body practitioner, and holistic kinesiologist. A world renowned lecturer who teaches in Australia and overseas.

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