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Chatting with Roslyn Stutchbury on Yoga and Beauty

I came to yoga quite by accident. I grew up in country Australia and did everything in my power to avoid sport, opting instead to stay in the art room. Sport terrified me, I couldn’t even swim and even worse, I had no self-esteem.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.26.07 amArriving in Sydney at age 21, I took my first dance class completely exposing my inflexibility and lack of coordination. The teacher was so appalled at my lack of body awareness that he demanded I go to a yoga class. I couldn’t even reach my ankles in a forward fold but that first class hooked me. I loved how the poses felt in my body and the meditation connected me to a sense of peace, stillness and freedom. It showed me the beauty that existed inside me. I also at this time began studying beauty therapy enabling me also to have the ability to explore changing what I saw on the outside.

Today in my business Body By Design, I combine both yoga, and beauty therapy to help people transform their lives. We all want and deserve to feel beautiful and these two modalities are just different approaches to the same goal; feeling the universal love that surrounds us all. I know first hand about the difficulties people face when even considering coming to a yoga class, but the practice helped me step up and reach my goals. It completely empowers me when I can help others do the same.

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