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About Us

Introducing Life Learning International


Life Learning International is a global Education Centre that is redefining consumer health and wellbeing. We bring together highly experienced Doctors, Naturopaths and Complementary Medicine Practitioners to educate the general public and to provide high quality professional development courses for health practitioners. The objective is to provide high quality, evidence based information and practical tools to help you achieve better health and wellbeing for yourself.

What is unique about Life Learning is that we focus on what you can do to help yourself with your condition. We are not aiming to sell you any products. Instead we empower by educating.

Most chronic illness is caused predominantly by lifestyle factors. The consensus is that even 90% of cancer is driven by lifestyle factors. Yet many people don’t understand their illness well, and are not informed about what things they are doing that are contributing to their illness.

Life Learning International medical professionals synthesise research from published journals, into digestible explanations and implications. This saves you years of confusion and research.

We want people to understand their condition, from a physical, neurological and psychological perspective.

At Life Learning International, our customers/students are recognized for their life learning progress after each and every course they complete and we encourage their ongoing engagement and feedback with our community so we know as to how they are progressing in taking control of their own health and wellbeing, or improving other peoples lives through their own professional health practice.

Our courses are revised annually in line with the latest research and developments in the industry and our aim is to have a growing library of short courses on offer, everything from 1-hour online video courses, to 8-week face to face courses and blended learning courses.


Investing in your health and education is the most powerful thing you can do to prevent disease and live a long and meaningful life. For you and those you love.